June 19, 2011

Bigtamasha's Father's Day special

Mothers give us birth.

Most people think fathers' role ends with impregnating her.

But actually there is one more twist to the tale.

Fathers give us birth too, specially to the sons*.

They give them birth when they approach adulthood.

Through or from their minds, from their intellectual/causal body.

That is around 25-30s when fathers are around 55-60s

If you find that great quarrels ensue between fathers and sons around this period...now you know the reason.

It is for a good cause.

When mother gave you birth you were on your own physically and a little later, emotionally.

Now you will be on your own in matters intellectual and a little later spiritual as well.

You will be your own man.

Bon voyage!

* Father's give birth to daughters when they send them to their in-laws after marriage.

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