July 25, 2011

Will US Economic Armageddon finally lead to a Nuclear Armageddon?

Nobel physicist Niels Bohr once said, "Those who are not shocked when they first come across the quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it."

Bigtamasha feels like changing the above words in the context of the present US economic scenario as: "Those who are not shocked by the scope of destruction the present US economic scenario can bring to the entire world have not possibly understood it in all its future implications."

And no Bigtamasha is not thinking only of economic destruction called "economic Armageddon" by President Obama but much worse destruction if one can understand what it means.

Now consider a scenario. US unemployment rate is continually increasing for the last so many years. In whatever way the debt ceiling issue and taxing the rich and wealthy businesses is settled Bigtamasha thinks jobs are unlikely to increase in the near future.

Taxing the rich coupled with decrease in demand will only discourage them from further expanding their businesses.

Raising the debt ceiling will only temporarily and deceptively benefit the economy and even world economy. Because for one, it is not likely that the raised debt will go into increasing the jobs as the major part will be spent on paying the interest on past debt and running the usual nuts and bolts of the government besides keeping a certain modicum of respect and reputation in the countries where US stands already engaged militarily or otherwise.

And for an other, because fiscal prudence once lost is very unlikely to be regained without a major shock. It is like modern drugs, once hooked you cannot easily get rid of them.

Now the worst. Even though US may be thinking otherwise it is not likely to retain any meaningful say in the future political setups of the countries of the middle east and even elsewhere where popular risings are taking place or are likely to take place as more time passes.

It is because people this time are not as much against dictators or political rulers even though they perceive them to be corrupt and rotten to the core as for  freedom.  This wish for freedom this time is more fundamental. it is a cyclical thing. Its thrust is not likely to allow people to get rid of one type of rulers to only come under an other type who can be remotely seen to be subservient to any outside power including the US*.

In essence these movements will eventually give rise to nationalistic and right-wing rulers all over the world.

United States may be thinking that with some passage of time it will be able to get some footholds in the new regimes and the things will again become the same in terms of these countries' economies sustaining theirs in one way or the other, say by increase in demand of their various merchandise and by allowing investments but no, the new rulers will be eventually as much against all outside interference as they were against their own present rulers. In a way they will end up being anti-globalization.

All the above brings us to the main theme of the present post - that of a nuclear Armageddon.

Losing one's ego and self-respect is not an easy affair and so it will be for the US or its citizens. On the other hand circumstances this time will be forcing them to lose both with the increase in unemployment and hunger within the country on the one hand and decrease in self-respect and reputations outside on the other.

The result will be an impotent, suppressed rage.

When populations begin to feel something like this their collective feelings give birth to a leader who collectively represents the same for them. With this in mind it is not inconceivable that some time in the future they may end up electing a President who, like Hitler, may be full of impotent and suppressed rage up to the ears. Under the circumstances it could only be a matter of time before such an inwardly wounded and explosive persona may begin to think, "What the hell, if the US is to die with hunger and shame what are all these weapons for? Why we spent so much money on them? Deaths day is dooms day!"

Bigtamasha prays for a way out.

The reader may not be totally convinced by what I have written above but perhaps may if he/she reads it with the below given post from my other blog:


*In evolutionary terms what is happening in all these countries and even in global culture as a whole is not some gradual change though it may deceptively look so from the surface but a paradigm-shifting change or a quantum jump which does not keep any connection with the past, or with its initial conditions to say it in a astrophysicist's jargon. It is an organisation/order taking place from within the disorganization/chaos of the past and eventually will get completely cut-off from it.

PS: What just happened in Afghanistan where a large number of US elite force commandos were killed or is happening in London (riots) is a reminder that the things can take ugly turn within no time. These are not the good times and events are happenings despite human beings.

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  1. Yes seems possible.

  2. A comment from twitter:

    thomretterbush Tom Retterbush
    @Harbwit Throughout history, usually when civilization are on the brink of collapse, they go to war. They have little to loose. Why not?

  3. One more related comment from twitter:

    thomretterbush Tom Retterbush
    @Harbwit Why should it be any different with the US? It could even be a civil war at first.

  4. I am afraid this later seems quite possible given what is happening in London now: Related post Et tu London! http://t.co/a1ACNdC