October 8, 2011

Why cancer to Steve Jobs? Bigtamasha's commentary with a difference

Cancer according to biological science develops when a cell begins to disobey its genetic code.

The same goes for higher and higher groupings of cells such as tissue, organs, organ-systems, organism...man...

Which would mean cancer develops in men when any of their groupings within or they as a whole begin to disobey their genetic code.

Or sort of transcend it.

Now genetic code according to Bigtamasha's own theory of evolution basically comprises of linear and non-linear addition of four-phased potential cycles based on four basic forces or interactions*, unique for each level and organism (in some way like universe's singularity).

Passing through and in the process transcending the due level of four basic forces comprises an organism's and hence man's evolution.

When a man thus transcends his due level of four basic forces, on the one hand he becomes sort of a master as in the words of Goethe, "A man who has mastered himself is delivered from all the forces which bind all creatures," but on the other hand and on the above lines also begins to develop cancer as a whole or at the level of any of his vital constituents within.

This is the reason why most masters or sages especially in India developed cancer. Ramakrishna Parmahamsa and Ramana Maharshi are two prime examples though people will know of many more.

This is the reason Steve Jobs developed cancer for he too was a master of sorts in the above way.

This is in fact the reason why many other persons develop cancer for they too may be partial masters or masters of certain aspects of life. (Or their constituent tissues, organs, organ-systems may have completed their local evolution.)

The reason in some cases cancer gets spontaneously remitted is that the person under question has entered his next cycle because his/her due transcending was yet partially complete.

According to an after thought breast cancer in women would in a way also mean that they are evolving beyond being women.

If anybody is further interested he can ask for details.

*The four basic forces are gravity, electromagnetic force, strong force and weak force.

PS: Only yesterday Bigtamasha read that a drug named "ecstasy" with a slightly modified chemistry can cure cancer. The drug "ecstasy" basically is a party drug and induces euphoria in a person. Now this euphoria in some way is similar to the euphoria of a mystic's epiphanic experience. This further links firstly cancer with a mystic's status in a way and secondly it also shows that to be led astray or away from that euphoria which the modified chemistry of the drug would really mean could save a person from developing cancer.

PS: Though Bigtamasha already had no doubt about the masterly status of steve and could write and write, an article read today in a news paper clearly confirms again all the traits of Indian mystics in him. Most mystics soon get separated from their fathers/parent at birth, leave school/college midway through, do ask people to remember death always to know your reality, and so on. Because of disconnection with father some are explained to be born from light like Krishna, some in many other ways. Guru Nanak founder of Sikhism left his father's house, his school and all that in early life so did the above too and in fact the history of the many is the same. They see this world as ephemeral which in other words is to say they see each of their day as last day as Steve so beautifully advocated. The world is as outside as inside. The Eastern mystics do their work inside and so is not that apparent to people.

PS: Steve's nature to prophesy things as is now revealed in his biography that he told Obama that he will be President only for one term, as also his advising to Bill Clinton re Lewinsky affair that he should tell the truth also only confirm for Bigtamasha his mystical bearings. The latest that he learnt "intuition" from India fall intot he same category: one can't learn intuition from India if the seed of it is not already there in one's being.

PS: If there is a doubt of what Bigtamasha has written above Steve Job's final words as read by him only today (October 31, 2011) thanks to his sister, Mona Simpson, further settle the issue. His final words were: OH WOW, OH WOW, OH WOW! Who except a mystic of a kind could have said these?

PS: What goes for individuals goes for various cultural cycles and for world cultural cycle as a whole as well. Presently in terms of AD era cycle we are slowly coming to an identical stage to Steve Job's evolution. No wonder we have begun to read news that the world as a whole is inching towards a stage where cancer will be one of the most prevailing diseases.



  1. Is this a joke?
    Please tell me this is a joke.
    Otherwise, you're a fucking idiot.

  2. This is no joke. If it were it would not have pinched you.

  3. Interesting.. did you know the late rapper Guru (Gangstarr) was a master of his craft and also died of cancer not too long ago..

  4. Did not know but can understand. Thank you for the information.

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