July 17, 2012

A story to save US and indeed the whole world from ongoing economic recession

Bigtamasha would call it the Economic Story to save US and indeed the whole world with living closest to nature and saving as its central themes.

In her leading article titled Is Storytelling the Secret Weapon of the 2012 Race in huffingtonpost.com its chief editor Arianna Huffington has written that even though President Obama has come to the conclusion that he should have told a story, a story which gives the American people a sense of unity and purpose and optimism besides getting the policy right, he has still not delivered it.

I don't know if and when President Obama will deliver it or that the story will be about a form of capitalism or otherwise but here is Bigtamasha's own story for the people of US and indeed the whole world to save themselves from the ongoing economic recession:

Globalisation which has hitherto been rather in the form of acting globally to benefit individually (benefit an individual, an individual nation) may be passe.

It may now be the time of acting individually to benefit globally.

Which is only an other name for Gandhi's saying "Bring the change in yourself which you want to see in the world."

In practical terms it will mean:

1. Use minimum natural resources.
2. Spend less.
3. Waste less.
4. Be self-reliant to the maximum extent possible.
5. Live close to nature/nature's ways.
6. Live and let live.
7. Use minimum of drugs/medications of all kinds.
8. Increasingly turn to nature cures through water, air, fasts, relaxation, meditation etc.
9. Become stoics while doing your work to the maximum.
10.Accept what you cannot change, change what you cannot accept. Find the balance.

All these points pertain to the coming Age which Bigtamasha calls The Age of Intuition and (experiential) Wisdom as per his book.



  1. True Harb :) Lol: the ten new commandments of the 21st century