September 3, 2012

Clint Eastwood's cameo, Charles Dawkins tweet-joke and Bigtamasha's comment on Huffingtonpost

Though Bigtamasha is beyond both believers and non-believers and in fact beyond all dividing isms, he was peeved by Richard Dawkins's ridiculing believers using Clint Eastwood's by now world-renowned empty-chair cameo.

Dawkins tweeted to the effect that like Clint Eastwood, some people prayed to an empty chair on which they suppose an invisible God is sitting to fulfill them.

Accepted that "God" does not interfere in human affairs in the way most believers would like us believe, yet there is something underpinning all Man's efforts which has a major say in how the human affairs will advance at any given point or phase of time.

Through Darwinism we know only half the story of how things change or evolve.

But there is certainly an other complementary aspect to this which does not allow things to remain entirely in our own hands or dependent upon our own choices/efforts. Rather our choices are circumscribed and influenced by it from subtler realms to force us to go in a certain direction. (Like we are aged from within, like we are forced to choose different foods in youth, middle age, old age in our individual lives.)

It is time US understands a bit of this aspect as well and adopts a bit of Socratean stoic mindset.

Try but at the same time understand. For the rest have a look at my following posts if you are further interested: Einstein's letter on God but so what!

Below: a further comment by a reader and Bigtamasha's reply on it:

peterlax: You don't really believe that Darwinism is going to have an effect on a country where a mainstream political party is proud of its' dis-belief in evolution do you? A nation wherein many states want to change text books to remove any mention of Charles Darwin and remove part of history, such as slavery because the truth just isn't that nice? A nation where 82 years after the Scopes Monkey Trial people still look to religion to explain science? A nation where respected leaders blame deadly viruses and natural disasters on sexual "sin"? Money shouldn't read "In God We Trust" It should read "Ignorance Is Bliss"

Bigtamasha: Through your comment (choice, natural selection on country's existing situation) Darwinism is already having an effect on the country howsoever small.

Parties through their constituents, the common people whose non-local touch with the whole enables them to always know more than Man's boxed intellect of existence's fundamental questions even though they may not be able to articulate them as well, are serving the other complementary aspect I wrote about in my main comment above.

So again both aspects should be kept in mind and none written away.

Those who think Darwinism is the sole explanation for evolution are as wrong as those who think evolution is just not there or that it can be explained solely in terms of an act of some most probably human-like God.

For more pay special heed to what I have written about Newtonian action and reaction in my post given in my main comment above.

For the rest neither ignorance is bliss nor yet haughtiness of sole reason/intellect.

PS: Forgot to add that evolution including human/cultural evolution advances in four-phased cycles, beginning each time from dark periods and peaking at what may be called the age of reason/science (just passing now). And that while reason science serves us in this age, religion helps us pass through dark periods.

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  1. Glad to receive a very complimentary next comment by the above commentator peterlax. Says he at huffingtonpost: Harbhajan, can I be you when I grow up?

    My response: LOL, when you have understood Harbhajan (Bigtamasha here) you have already become Harbhajan. Since you are also young, you have a chance of going much ahead at my age. My best wishes. Hope he reads this.

  2. Terrific blog, I can't wait to explore it. Thank you for inviting me.

  3. I've read it and thank you for opening up this new world to me. I can't wait to explore this!

  4. This blog was actually a satire site and for philosophical writings I had an other blog but then stopped writing at this because both needed too much energy.

    Soon I may fold this and write only on a new blog and only philosophical writings.

    I Am afraid you may not be able to make head or tail of some posts here as these are too local. So choose and take your time.

  5. Really like your way of writing about the current affairs. Keep doing it.

  6. Thanks for the comments. Yours too is a beautiful site to go through.