September 9, 2012

Live despite the doctors though not necessarily despising them

Like assets and working capital while allopathy can take care of the assets or basic structure of the body homeopathy etc can take care of its working.

It is the best alternative in these times of economic recession because it can save up to 80% of money on healthcare.

Of course big pharma companies and doctors may not like this to happen but that is an other question.

At the end of the day only you are for yourself not them or anybody else.

Around 40, Bigtamasha had total cholesterol of around 1750 mg as against the upper limit of perhaps 250 mg (the result of "living like a king" as he is fond of calling these times in lighter vein for about a decade).

Then he treated it with simple homeopathic drugs and change of oil. (He got it checked by then famous Dr Chuttani, head of PGI, Chandigarh, at his private clinic but did not use his prescribed medicines).

Anyway, a few days ago he got it checked again and found it to be 144 mg (he is 63 yrs of age now, and don't worry he has already added a bit of fatty oil to increase it a bit!).

Again, around 50 he had sinusitis and an ENT doctor from Patiala told him that he will have to undergo operation but he refused.

He treated the same with his own-researched homeopathic drugs.

Now he has no problem with his nose or breathing or whatever.

In fact he has never breathed so wholesomely in his entire life as now.

It is not the time of reason and science but of common sense and experiential wisdom. Sooner people learn it the better it is for it will save people's expenses to a great extent which is dire need of the times.

Even before that, his father never went to a doctor.

He was in the Army and developed some problem in his stomach which the doctors could not diagnose and he had to leave it after about a decade.

Once at home he resorted to nature cure following Dr. Lius Kuhne of Germany's book The New Science of Healing.

Since then he never went to a doctor and died recently at the age of about 86.

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Sometimes that which we think harms us makes us stronger:

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PS: Bigtamasha is not really a nature or homeopathic curist. He takes many a panga (risky fights) with his health. A few days ago he developed cute acidity in his stomach and thought of taking some ant-acid like Eno for the first time though. Then he thought, what the hell, why not do just the opposite of what most medical advisers say and he took a neat peg of whiskey (with very small amount of water, anyway doctors say it increases acidity). Let the steel cut steel ! And lo and behold, soon all acidity was gone and it is now 4 days I am searching for it.

PS (12-03-2013): It is six months and Bigtamasha is yet waiting for the acidity to return lol. Though previously he thought it will return with a vengeance after a few days...but seems whiskey has hit the acidity on the head. Also, in fact from the last month or so he has begun taking a small peg of whiskey almost without adding water though previously he added soda.

PS (04-07-2013). Still waiting for acidity. Though now don't take peg daily.
PS(06-03-2014). Acidity yet to return, take small peg of Rum daily.

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