September 5, 2012

Richard Dawkins' of the world! Give silence of the lambs their voice or they will riot!

This post is primarily addressed to India's famous film-maker Shekhar Kapur (second from right) and contains the proposal for making a film.

Dear Shekhar, please refer to your latest tweet: As v constantly shift identities, do u ask what ur real identity is? Or who u r beyond identities, context, description, words ?

And my response: @shekharkapur That is asking the question who am really I? and if one is evolutionally ripe enough, in response one gets the all important experience of One, of God, of Buddha, of Spinoza, of Krishna's Viraat Swarupa (cosmic form).

In other words, it gives one the experience of the fundamental 'ground' of all there is including him/herself as well as the universe by whatever name it is called.

It is the ground experienced by mystics and it is the ground in which people are asked to believe who themselves cannot experience it as I explained in response to a world-famous atheist Richard Dawkins' tweet in the following posts:

Please read these carefully because what I am going to say further depends upon what is written in them and may eventually lead to making a much-needed film for the times which just came to my mind today and made me remember you.

Sometime back you had tweeted about making either a unique film or retiring to the mountains. Even before that you had wanted to make a film on Buddha which could not materialize perhaps because no producer came forward to finance it thinking it may not be a commercial success.

I think it is your chance. I think far more people will identify with this film than could have with 'Buddha' so that it may even be a commercial success though admittedly as of now this aspect is far from my mind.

Anyway, now refer to this tweet by your friend and Indian actor of equal repute Kabir Bedi: "In art nothing worth doing can be done without genius; in science even moderate capacity can contribute to a supreme achievement" - B Russell.

And again my response: @iKabirBedi Rightly said. It is because art involves/invokes Man's most fundamental 'ground'/dimension not the case in science :).

Obviously Shekhar, I am referring to the 'ground' explained above in response to your tweet. In other words, that an artist at least to qualify as a genius must come in contact with this 'ground' before doing his really deep /timeless work.

To summarize what I had written in above posts related to Dawkins and what follows is that both common people and artists are or do come in contact with the fundamental 'ground' of all existence. That they have this thing in common knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously. 

Ok, now read Richard Dawkins' two tweets a little later though twitter is full of such tweets by him:

"All hail the glorious Arab Spring! No stoning for Tunisian sculptors who "offended" Islam (up to 5 years jail instead)" and

"Riots lovely riots! Allah needs you to riot to protect him. Burn down the gallery. Death to artists and apostates." and note his soul-killing sarcasm of the people who are not equally articulate as I explained in above posts to rebut him.

The article link given in the tweets is:

It understandably talks about believer-rioters rioting against artists.

Now the film I propose will be about explaining the rioters' or common people's point of view - why they get into hysteria and riot. In other words the film will give voice to their agony. They HAVE a point and it is wrong to dismiss them as mere rioters in the name of freedom more of which I am explaining below.

My understanding as I said above is that both artists and believers come in touch with the (same) fundamental reality, former more or less directly and the later through followers following followers as I explained in the post above in response to Richard Dawkins.

Now when the artists express their work and through it that fundamental aspect in the right way they can mesmerize the whole people and for centuries to come because of the commonality of touch with the 'ground' as I said above; but when they express it under some wrong influence of the times i.e., ongoing communism, commercialism, phase of atheism, hard science, sometimes even to playcat a non-believer or communist ruler etc so obviously in the wrong way, often with a hidden/calculated motive to create controversy and thus gain monetarily they can equally play havoc with their sentiment.

Artists' work is generally defended under the guise of "freedom of expression."

Well, but to me and as we are discussing above there are two dimensions to our being - the ever changing brain/mind-body as you interalia said in your tweet and that fundamental something by whatever name one may calls it that plays a changeless 'ground' to this change. Let us call this "soul."

Now, if the freedom enshrined does not allow to kill anybody bodily - the changing body-mind -  given the above understanding I think the same should not be allowed to kill anybody's soul - the changeless ground for now supporting an individuality - as well so to say.

People feel hurtling-to-nowhere from deep within when their very 'ground' of being is being snatched away from under their spiritual feet and it is this nauseating feeling which sends them into hysteria, into rioting.

Since they cannot articulate, express their agony this is why actually the name of the famous film SILENCE OF THE LAMBS came to my mind when I first realized this problem of theirs. (Film is about something else just the name fitted.)

Shouldn't one of your understanding displayed in your above tweet give a voice to these people, to this problem of theirs under light of your present knowledge as above?  They are after all human beings, why would they riot otherwise? I feel such a film is the need of the times and will give people peace for centuries to come.

Hope you understand the gist and respond. No problem if it does not yell with you though. It will be ok for me too. Idea came to my mind because as of now Richard Dawkins is playing havoc with such people in the whole Western world and sooner or later someone will come to check him.

Oh, how while writing this the following words of Krishna from Bhagvad Gita again and again come to my mind!

Lord Krishna to Arjuna: Whenever in the passage of time Faith is weakened or is under attack and whenever adharma spreads without control I re-incarnate myself with all my powers to restore Faith.

Just came across my post "Too Big To Jail?" related in an other context:

PS: Today's attacks on US Consulate in Libya and Embassy in Egypt against a film produced by a Californian American ridiculing Prophet Muhammad further highlights the need of making such a film as above.

PS2: Bigtamasha is afraid things are taking a nasty turn given present protests all over:


  1. A comment by Kabir Bedi (intro. in post above) received via Twitter:

    KABIR BEDI ‏@iKabirBedi
    @Harbwit A well written, thought-provoking blog, Harbhajanji! I'll make sure Shekhar reads it on his return from Venice. Respects.

  2. A comment by Bigtamasha's elder son, Harpreet, received via email:

    I liked what you wrote about Dawkins on your blog but I feel he is not really an authority repressing anyone yet and is voicing mostly what Darwin's accepted theory declares. Somebody has to keep the light of science burning too or the world could get into a religious fundamental rut. God is not a weakling that needs defending but what Dawkins is doing even if ill-informed needs courage (and it does serve a purpose- to give the youth an opportunity to question all religions before finding God within and thus even disowning Dawkins themselves).

    1. Hi Jim,

      Good to receive a comment from you. I am not taking my writing that seriously, just write what comes on the spur more to pass time as well as to keep my blog going.

      I found Dawkins flooding twitter overly criticizing the rioters/believers and then the idea came to my mind that they too have their side of the story in God's scheme of things and so should be given a voice. And then chal so chal (continued on its own). Otherwise everybody is ok at his place or from his point of view and certainly God or One will override all at due time. It is all "paani vich madhaani" (time pass) as they say in Punjabi lol.

      Often youth questions something out of reaction as I did at my time against socalled God and religion and all that and Dawkins could even have the opposite effect now.

      I would like to put your comment on the blog? Should I? Of course you can also write directly on the blog post in which case I would request you to write freely whatever comes to your mind, it will be ok :)

    2. Again reply by Harpreet (Jim) via email:

      Yes Dad, why not?

      Yes I read it all. Nice to know Kabir liked the post.

      But I have been listening to Dawkins over you tube with interest - all he's doing. And yes he seems to have an anti God anti-religions agenda. But I think his argument should be put down with grace than brute force or demagoguery. For, is this not a chance for Grace to shine forth from somewhere and prove him wrong?

      I think Mr. Dawkins is deliberately being blind to the human power of invocation of the Oneness in life in times of distress even though his own theory of 'The Extended Phenotype' clearly mentions the same thing - that an organism is not limited to its physical body alone but is extended everywhere else.