November 19, 2012

The girl who commented on Balasaheb Thackeray needed to be taught a lesson!

The young need to know some fresh history if not of the far past and should learn to restrain themselves from belittling/disrespecting the leaders/elders who are at least father-figures to millions of people of whatever region or religion or caste.

More so if such an elder/leader has died only a day before and his funeral pyre has not yet even cooled down.

That Balasaheb was even more than a father figure I will support with a couple of freshest tweets by prominent Mumbaikar and India's much respected filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who self-confessedly is not much in agreement with Balasaheb otherwise.

Tweets Shekhar:

Shekhar Kapur ‏@shekharkapur
That I disagreed with #Balasaheb ideas does not mean that I cannot accept that he was a leader loved by millions

Shekhar Kapur ‏@shekharkapur
The media always made it out 2 b that #Balasaheb power lay in d muscle of the streets. His funeral proves it lay in hearts of common people

Now the comment of the girl as reported in

“Her comment said people like Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a bandh for that,” said PI Uttam Sonawane.

People like Thackeray born and die daily? Daily?? Really?? Nope. People like Bal Thackeray certainly do not! The commentator obviously does not know much about him except that through the chalu (which sell as opposed to real, indepth) news in the chalu media.

Bigtamasha was just twelve or thirteen when he saw an aged couple murdered in his village just because the lady had made somewhat similar remark on the death of an ordinary person of their village unfortunately overheard by one of his sons. And Balasaheb had million sons all reading similar comment on Facebook!

Bigtamasha himself is no fan of Balasaheb yet he can certainly empathize with his million 'sons' and their rage on his disrespect and belittling of this kind.

Over to the wise.

PS: Freedom of expression is good, is even great but just as it does not allow one to kill anybody physically similarly, it should not allow one to kill anybody emotionally and spiritually! Disrespecting and belittling Balasaheb is to kill his followers emotionally and spiritually. Fight with them in whatever way if they are wrong, if you must but this is not the way. Even shutting down of Mumbai could be resented but these are certainly not the words to do that. Sorry.

PS2: Many people are upset with my post and equate Balasaheb to some very apparently hateful persons. For them I have here a two-point general explanation: For one, no one is good or bad circumstances make one so. And for an other, I say again and again that my main objection is to the nature of belittling comment. That one cannot say even to one's servant that people like his father are born and die daily so he should not stop work. Wise will stop their own eating/work for a time if not a day in sympathy.


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