November 22, 2012

When you will die is in your genes!

Though science til now has discovered only the timing of the day when you will die Bigtamasha thinks the time is not far off when it will also be able to tell the month and year on the same lines...

Because as per Bigtamasha 's own theory of evolution in terms of four basic forces or interactions of science - gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak interactions - the same four-phased cycle is playing out at all greater levels like that of the month, year, half-life, full life and indeed the whole universe and because of the same underlying reasons as on the level of the day. So almost identical yardstick can be applied at all levels above as at the level of the day to find the time of death at those levels.

Alternatively, the universal story of evolution begins with Newtonian actions and reactions from big bang (action of superforce of big bang and reaction of matter of singularity, further splitting into four types of basic forces/actions and four layers - molecules, atoms, hadrons and leptons - of matter/reactions at myriad of cycle levels) and that while we have say in terms of Darwinian theories in the reaction part (nurture part) we have no say in the action part (nature part).

It is basically this action part which triggers the beat of our hearts and with its stoppage our hearts will also stop because of one reason or the other, inner or outer (as the world outer is only a manifestation of word inner, the timing of stoppage of the heart may also create outer conditions for the same) irrespective of what we do.

The only saving grace from this rigid determinism may be that even fractions of seconds may affect the results so that like our inability to pin point the exact time of big bang we may neither be exactly able to pin point the time of our births nor hence of deaths.

Oh how close we are moving to the wisdom of sages of yore that our death is in God's hands!

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